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21'   Blas Armoa
87   Rodrigo Javier Salinas  Lucas Robertone
65   Cristian Nahuel Barrios  Bautista Merlini
54   Franco Mussis  Ariel Mauricio Rojas
76'   Braian Ezequiel Cufre
90'   C. Senneville 1 - 1
88'   Boisgard 0 - 1
13'   J. Sanchez 0 - 1
90'   Y. Araya 2 - 2
84'   J. Cordero 2 - 1


What Is Live Streaming?

With the recent explosion in on-line betting, many bookmakers now offer live streaming of a broad range of sporting events, making the experience of betting on a football match or a horse race that much more exciting for their customers. But which bookmakers offer live streaming? Which are the best bookmaker live streaming services currently available? And what is required in order to access bookmaker live streaming?

While most bookmakers require their customers to make either a minimum deposit or place a minimum bet on the relevant event in order to access the live broadcast, the requirements are typically small and most of all, the live streaming is entirely legal.

A further plus is that many bookmaker live streaming services deliver sporting events that are not available on commercial television with many live streamed events not even available via satellite television, giving users a tremendous range to enjoy. And what's even better, most live streams are easily accessed on your smart phone or mobile device meaning you'll never have to miss a moment of the action.

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