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16 October 2018
15:45FT Kazakhstan U17 Belarus U17  
15:45FT Wales U17 Portugal U17  
13 October 2018
13:00FT Wales U17 Kazakhstan U17  
16:00FT Portugal U17 Belarus U17  
10 October 2018
13:00FT Belarus U17 Wales U17  
16:00FT Portugal U17 Kazakhstan U17  
16 October 2017
15:30FT Azerbaijan U17 Bulgaria U17  
15:30FT Ukraine U17 Ireland U17  
13 October 2017
13:00FT Ukraine U17 Azerbaijan U17  
15:30FT Ireland U17 Bulgaria U17  
10 October 2017
13:00FT Ireland U17 Azerbaijan U17  
15:30FT Bulgaria U17 Ukraine U17